Child Development : Early Physical Childhood Activity


Physical activities in early childhood are often neglected on account of childhood development. But physical activity during this stage helps to build body, bones and muscles in children. Moreover, working out in early childhood increase immunity and reduced chances of mental disorders. Physical activity helps children to develop motor activities of the brain. Motor activities include sliding, running, jumping, kicking, throwing, and swimming.

USDA recommends that children of all age must involve themselves in physical activity at least for an hour.

Early Physical Childhood Activity – Outdoor Play and Activities

Don’t let your kid get addicted to the smartphone or video game. Make a habit of outdoor playing in the afternoon. Let them get engaged in playing with other kids, running, jumping and let them play whatever they like. Cycling, swimming, cricket, football and different types of outdoor games can help to increase physical activities.

Childhood Development: Early Physical Activity
Childhood Development: Early Physical Activity

Outdoor playing let the child communicate with other children and make new friends.However, it also teaches them to share and to care for other children. Playing with family members increases the quality time spent together. It helps to create bonding between the kids and the family members.

You can also involve your kids in gardening. Digging soil, planting and watering are enjoyable physical activities for a kid.

Early Physical Childhood Activity -Regular Exercise:

However, engaging in regular exercise effectively help in early childhood development. Starting to exercise in early childhood makes a lifetime habit of exercise on a regular basis. Moreover, regular exercise helps in bone, muscles and brain development in children.

Moreover, the hardship of exercise helps the children to grow stronger and determining.  In addition to this, the hardship of regular exercise increases the power of endurance and tolerance.

Indoor Activities

Involve your kid to help you in household chores.  However, let them help you with cooking, cleaning, and arranging household stuff. Teach your child to do their things on their own.  Let them do a grocery shopping with you and let them lift the shopping bags. These are good physical activities. Moreover, involving in indoor activities will help your kid to become independent.

Childhood Development: Early Physical Activity
Childhood Development: Early Physical Activity

Co-curricular Activities

Send your kid to a dance class. Let your kid learn Ballet, Jazz dance, kathak or Bharatnatyam. However, if your kid doesn’t like traditional dances, hip-hop dance, Zumba, or tap dance are good options.

Learning karate, Kung Fu or Taekwondo are good options for your kid. It will help your child to grow physically active. Besides, they are good ways to learn self-defence and discipline.

Make Physical Activities More Enjoyable

Moreover, kids often don’t like the traditional ways of physical activities. But we have some solutions here. However, make the physical activity more enjoyable to your kid. Arrange a dance party for your kid’s friends. Lend your time to dance or play with your kid casually. Arrange a pool party for kids. Swim with your kids and play while swimming.

Moreover, you can take your kid for running with your dog. Kids often love playing with dogs. Let your kid and dog play games that are more physically involving.

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