Guide To Child Development Stages

What is child development? What are its different development stages? Well, these are some interesting questions that often bother parents. However, the answers to a youngster’s development stages are easy yet complicated. The reason is that parents may know, what are those development stages?

However, the real struggle lies in implementing these stages effectively. The main problem lies in following the perfect sequence of these stages.

Well, To assist you better, we bring to you a proper guide to understanding different child development stages.

Different Child Development Stages

Guide To Child Development Stages
Guide To Child Development Stages

A child goes through various development stages. Though you may easily notice some of these but some may not be so easy to identify. However, it is important for you to understand what to expect when your child reaches a particular child development stage. Normally, doctors have a chart to make you understand these development stages better.

First Year

The first year of any child is critical. Moreover, he or she undergoes multiple developmental stages during the first four months. Your child will learn to smile, laugh, make sounds, and even recognize your face. Other milestones at this stage include crawling, walking, and eventually sitting up for longer time. This is infact one of the major development stages.

12 Month Mark

As the child nears the beginning of second year, he will learn to form new words. This is an important child development stage. However, if there is considerable delay in this stage, refer to a pediatrician immediately. As the child grows older, he learns to increase his vocabulary of words. In fact, socialization is another of important stage.

18 To 24 Months

During the second year, you will notice that your child gets a clear speech. In fact, at this stage, he or she starts developing coordination between hands and legs. Moreover, he will not fall on jumping now. The child has more control over his or her movements now. In addition, during this stage, it is advisable to start the toilet training part.

25 To 36 Months

When the child reaches this particular child development stage, he or she starts having a clear speech. Moreover, he or she learns to have a clear perspective of what he or she wants. In fact, they also learn to take good care of themselves. For example, the child learns how to brush his or her teeth at this stage.

3 Years

Once the child reaches the age of 3, he or she develops his or her personality to a great extent. The child learns to identify different patterns, sizes, colors, and even socialize. In fact, as a part of other important child development stages, the child should also learn to make decisions to some extent.

 To Child Development Stages
Guide To Child Development Stages

4 Years

This is the one of the most critical stage since this is the stage when you child gets ready for school. This is the stage when he or she will learn to make friends and share. Moreover, this is the stage when he or she learns about reading and writing.

Well, as a parent, it becomes imperative for you to read and understand these child development stages. However, good research and proper medical support can assist you in this regards most effectively.

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