How You Can Promote Healthy Baby Development

Initial months and years of in every individual’s life are very significant as they lay down the foundation of character and personality of the concerned individual. Hence it becomes necessary to promote proper baby development processes in the early stages of a child’s life. You can assist these psychological and physical developmental process in various ways.

Connect With Your Baby

Start connecting with your baby from day one in order to develop their motor and language skills by promoting human contact. Hold them close to you, sing and talk with them and do things which have the ability to stimulate hearing. For better eyesight, make sure your baby sees your face when awake. Babies have primitive eyesight of 20/200 and hence you need to hold them closer, so they can see you clearly. When the baby turns 2-3 months old, smile a lot. This helps them reciprocate.

Excite Senses

In their 2nd and 3rd month,  infants start to explore and try to discover and learn from their immediate environment. This is the time when you should let your baby touch different textures and surfaces and allow to experience various smells and sights. Rub baby’s hand against warm, cold, rough or soft surfaces and ask how they feel. This type of exposure not only make baby more aware of its environment but also assists in the proper development of motor and language skills.

How You Can Promote Healthy Baby Development
How You Can Promote Healthy Baby Development

Allow Tummy Time

Spending some on the tummy is important for babies in order to develop a strong and healthy body for better movement, including trunk and head control. You can instigate tummy time during the start of the 3rd month by settling baby on your own lap or chest before moving on to the carpeted floor.

Make Them Feel Secure

From the first few weeks of birth, infants require reassurance that they will be taken care of. Hence, next time your cries respond immediately. You can instill a feeling of security by answering their needs, following predictable routines and continuous caring. A timetable for activities like feeding and sleeping ensures a sense of control. In such environments, infants develop into independent and secure children.

How You Can Promote Healthy Baby Development
How You Can Promote Healthy Baby Development

Encourage Baby Activities

When babies step into their sixth month, they have the ability to sit up straight, retrieve or grasp things. Introduce toys that are interactive in nature and can aid in baby’s development. For instance, toys which can roll will encourage baby to follow them.

Talk To Them

You can start talking to your baby as soon as they enter this world. In the first few months imitate their sounds. Talk with them in an upbeat tone with exaggerated expressions and identify cries and sounds that symbolize certain needs. When they reach the age of 4-5 months listen and imitate their babbling like “ga-ga”, “da-da”, “ba-ba”, etc to promote communication skills. Call out their names along with cue words such as “Hi Sweetie”’ now and then, to let them understand that you are trying to speak with them directly.

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