Main Causes Of Baby Tummy Problems And How To Treat

When the baby comes into the world, his digestive system just initiates to learn the processing of the nutrients and waste after eating or drinking. Since the digestive system is yet evolving, it’s no surprise that specific tummy problems do arise for babies. During this stage, proper child care becomes incredibly vital.

For new mommies out there, it’s good to know the common signs and causes of different tummy problems of babies. So, if your baby seems gooey you can provide the right childcare to make him feel better to the earliest.

1.    Gas Pain

Air can trap into a newborn’s tummy when the baby processes the food. This gas is absolutely natural — it is created by the normal bacteria that reside in the infant’s gut. In fact, crying and bottle-nourishing can also put additional air bubbles in their tummy.

So, when your baby is suffering from gas pain, his gut may look enlarged, or he may curve his back or twist it much since it’ll be awkward for him. More often, gas pain is more severe when the infant is around 6 – 8 weeks old.

Cure: Make your baby lie on his tummy when he is awake and let gravity’s gentle pressure aid in pushing out trapped gas from his tummy. You can also lightly massage the baby’s stomach in a clockwise movement. Then draw your hands below the curve of the baby’s tummy to relieve the gas.

Main Causes Of Baby Tummy Problems And Child Care They Need During That Phase
Main Causes Of Baby Tummy Problems And Child Care They Need During That Phase

2.    Spitting Up Or Reflux

Spitting up is a typical sign as this problem strikes the majority of babies. Also, known as reflux, it is a smelly and messy stage babies go through. Most infants spit up soon after feeding is done which is often followed by a burp. A few babies get wheezy after a milky burp and they need child care.

It happens because of the breast milk formula, too much feeding, or due to gas build-up.

Cure: It usually gets fine as the digestive system of your baby matures. Still, for safety, you should always feed your child in an upright position. Then hold him upright for around 20 minutes to let him digest properly.

Also, in case you bottle-feed your infant, let him burp after every 2 or 3 minutes while feeding. Further, ensure that the hole in the bottle is not too big as your baby consumes more than the limit.

Main Causes Of Baby Tummy Problems And Child Care They Need During That Phase
Main Causes Of Baby Tummy Problems And Child Care They Need During That Phase

3.    Constipation

Hard stool or constipation is another baby tummy problem your baby may go through. It particularly happens when an infant begins eating cereals, i.e., when they are around one year old.

Similarly, this problem occurs when parents begin feeding whole milk to their babies. A lot of milk can result in claylike, sticky stools that becomes a genuine issue for certain babies.

Cure: Try removing rice cereal for a few days to check whether that works. In case you consider milk is the reason, you can limit your kid’s milk consumption to 16 ounces per day.

4.    Diarrhea

Babies do defecate a lot. Sometimes, you may worry that your baby has diarrhea when he or she is doing poos more than the normal. Apart from these, other symptoms of diarrhea are fever, vomiting, and sometimes mucus or blood in your baby’s feces.

Cure: Assure that your baby is drinking a lot of fluids to aid her symptoms and avoid dehydration. You can also give your baby a few sips of Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) every hour to alleviate the problem.

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