Nurturing The Habit of Reading Is A Prime Aspect of Child Care

Nurturing The Habit of Reading Is A Prime Aspect of Child Care

Have you never worried about the world your child is growing up in? while technology certainly is boon for the society, it has spelled doom for our kids’ childhood. Surrounded by gadgets, they are giving into this digital temptation. The result, as we can all see, fewer kids playing outdoors, and even lesser number of children actually attracted towards books.

Now, if you are anything like me, you have probably grown up reading Famous Five, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Goosebumps, Harry Potter, Oliver Twist, Tom Sawyer, and plenty more such amazing stories. And, you wish your kids will also devour those books just like you once did. Now, that wonderful nostalgic feeling and beautiful relationship we shared with our books are certainly precious. But, let’s not mistake this generation to be similar to ours. If you want your kids to get into the habit of reading, you will have to ensure that you do it their way.

Nurturing The Habit of Reading Is A Prime Aspect of  Child Care
Nurturing The Habit of Reading Is A Prime Aspect of Child Care

Read Out To Them

Yes, listening to the books being read is one of the best ways to increase their interests in reading. Once they fall in love with stories, they will find out the ones they feel most connected to. Well, I know it isn’t an easy task in today’s world. So, why don’t you get some audio books? After all, everything digital isn’t bad. Get your kid audio books and watch them slowly and eventually fall in love with reading stories. What’s more? The added benefit is that their accent becomes impeccable.

Lead The Way

As kids grow up, they imitate the adults around them. It is no surprise that even a kid of hardly 1year age gets attracted to Smartphones. After all, they watch their parents and other grown-ups always fiddling with the mobile. Read books before them, and watch the magic unfurl. In fact, doctors consider this an important child care strategy.

Make Reading Interactive And Fun

Try getting illustrated classics for your kids. Make them watch the movie after reading the book. Take them to the various story theme based museums, and to libraries. The more fun you make books, the more interested your kids will be about reading them. Gather your kids and their friends and have quiz contests, treasure hunts, and other games based on books they have all read in recent past.

Don’t Equate Books With Studies

Don’t get me wrong, schools, studies, are important. But, if you start equating books with studies only, you will definitely drive your kids away from books. Let them find freedom within the pages of the books. Let them feel the wings of their imagination spread as they escape into the world of tales. Studies are important, but so are these escapades into the world of stories.

Turn Books Into Gifts

Whenever you have to gift your kids something, try gifting a book. I still remember the first book I received as my birthday gift! It was the tale of a family of bears. It made me fall in love with books, and I have always made it a habit of gifting books to others. After all, books are not just stories, they create a personal bond!

Be a responsible parent and take this aspect of child care seriously.

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