Children: Tips On Raising Your Children’s

Children are of life. Besides, they all talk about exhaustion and emotions. But none talks about how fast they grow up. All of a sudden, they’ve all grown up. Additionally, you are no longer their best friend; they suddenly have other friends too. Also, you are no longer their smart mother or sister; they know things, and they could do it on their own now. However, You are no longer needed, and that’s a bitter pill to swallow.

They all grow up and_leave to college. The silence is maddening. Once, your house felt like Christmas every day. You cook and clean every day. You bake on the weekends and wash the tub. Every month you clean the ceiling fan and the attic. But now, you do it once a year. You had kids_running around your house. Now, kids run around your home during the festivals marked on calendars like public holidays.

Parenting Tips That No One Tells You About Raising Children
Parenting Tips That No One Tells You About Raising Children

Some Lines To Read Through

You could never go out without packing a big bag of diapers, extra pieces of toddlers’ clothing and pacifier, milk bottles, and powders. You carry some snacks too. Now, you are also free. You’ve got all the time in the world, and you’ve got no idea what to do with it.

You miss them. You miss their innocent laughter and running around. You’d trade your entire inheritance for those runny noses and supermarket tantrums. You stay awake at nights, wishing you had a baby to nurse. You miss their smell of milk and pee. Their soft hand and sloppy kisses.

It takes high strength to raise kids. It takes even more significant advantage to let them go when the time comes graciously.

I wrote this from the viewpoints of a big sister. I remember one day, coming back from school, a little helpless human was being wrapped in a towel in the hall. It looked adorable, and they said it’s my sister. In the next few years, another three arrived in the same manner.

They were all the same. They were once the little bundle of joy wrapped in a towel. Then suddenly they sprouted hands and legs and started talking. They watched ridiculous cartoons and would bawl on the floor. And did I chose to have them? Nope, but somehow it was also a part of my responsibility to make sure they stay alive and not crying.

Parenting Tips That No One Tells You About Raising Children
Parenting Tips That No One Tells You About Raising Children

Children: Some More Lines To Read And Consider

Despite my poor job of caring for them, they loved me very much. Additionally, my sister admired me and thought I have a perfect fashion sense. Also, her dress and way of hair followed mine. My brothers thought I was the smartest in the neighborhood. They’d exaggerate my grades and brag about it to their friends.

Therefore, they’d fight to sit next to me in the bus or theater and would coax. Compel and beg my companionship just for the trip to the nearby supermarket. Hence, they’d even sulk if I did not watch tv with them. Thus they’d feel cheated and would complain the next day if I slip unnoticed in the middle of the movie. Hence, “You are a liar; you slept halfway through the movie !”. LOL. Additionally, my presence made so much difference.

Also, all of a sudden, it hit me like a wave crashing on the sea. My sister and a brother have left for college. They additionally have social_networking platforms. Besides, one of them has a girlfriend now. Moreover, they all have cool best friends, and if I am lucky, they’d remember to bring a souvenir or two from their trips with their “cool” friends.

Children, they all grow up so fast. I promise myself when I have a little girl one day. And also, if she demands I stop vacuuming the carpet to play cards with her. After that, I’ll switch off the damn vacuum and play cards with her.

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