Speech Delay: Two-Year-Old Not Talking But Babbling

Speech Delay: Two-Year-Old Not Talking But Babbling

You must have heard many parents complaining that their kids are suspected of speech delay. Well, what does it mean? Do you actually expect a two-year-old to not talk? Is it fine? Or is it not? Well, as per experts, kids usually develop their language skills when they are 18 months old. Thus, it is surely a danger mark if you also find yourself saying, “my two-year-old not talking but babbling.”

2 Year Old Not Talking But Babbling: Speech Delay
Speech Delay: Two-Year-Old Not Talking But Babbling

Speech delays can become a matter of concern when your child reaches a particular age and not speaks. However, some people confuse speech with language. There is surely a difference between the two. Speech is actually the verbal expression of language and also involves articulation. On the other hand, language is the entire system of communicating meaningfully.

What Is Speech Delay?

Usually, speech and language delays are different but at times they overlap. Now, a kid suffering from language disorder may pronounce all the words well. However, he or she may not be able to put together two different worlds. On the other hand, a child witnessing speech delay may make proper usage of words and phrases to express himself. However, it may be difficult for others to understand what he is saying.

What Are Different Signs Of Speech Delay?

Though you may have heard a lot about speech delays how do you recognize them? How do you judge whether your child is suffering from speech delay or not? Well, a sure sign if that if your child does not recognize or respond to words, you should definitely see a doctor. In addition, there are some more signs which can help you in identifying speech delay. These are:

  • If the child is not able to use any gestures for communication by 12 months.
  • If the child still prefers making gestures in place of vocalization by 18 months.
  • If the child faces immense difficulty in understanding simple words or commands.
  • When the child possesses an unusual tone of nasal voice.
  • A two-year-old is only able to make certain sounds when it comes to communication.

Causes Of Speech Delay

Now, what causes speech delay in an otherwise healthy growing child? Well, it may be caused due to oral impairment, such as issues with palate or tongue. Moreover, the presence of a short frenulum or the fold beneath the tongue can also lead to a limitation in the working of the tongue.

Oral Motor Problems

2 Year Old Not Talking But Babbling: Speech Delay
Speech Delay: Two-Year-Old Not Talking But Babbling

Many kids also suffer from oral motor problems which in turn cause speech delays. This happens due to issues in the brain part which is responsible for speech. This further leads to problems in coordination among lips, jaw, and tongue.

Hearing Problems

Hearing problems in kids also lead to delayed speech issues in kids. Thus, you will always find an audiologist always going for a hearing test when you take your child for speech delays.

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